Working with a Listing Agent

Rent-To-Sell Program Overview

We have a Rent-To-Sell program which is the perfect solution for owners that want to sell but cannot right now for whatever reason…

Step 1: Your Client Gets TOP DOLLAR!

The Tenant/Buyer’s agent will show the listed property to a qualified Rent-To-Own buyer
and submit a separate lease and purchase offer on the property.

LEASE OFFER: The lease offer is typically sent over with the tenant-buyer’s preapproval letter from the lender stating how long it will take them to buy.

PURCHASE OFFER: The purchase offer will be Top Dollar with a delayed settlement of 6 to 24 months based on the tenant-buyer’s preapproval letter. The purchase offer will be accompanied with a sale commission proposal to be split by the listing and buyer’s agent (when a sale listing is not active).

Step 2: Your Clients Approves the Rent-To-Own Buyer!

After receiving the lease and purchase offers, your client would sign the negotiated agreements for the Rent-To-Own Buyer to move in.

Step 3: Your Client Will Prepare to Sell to the Rent-To-Own Buyer!

The Rent-To-Own buyer will rent from your client under the negotiated Lease Agreement for 6 to 24 months while the pre-qualifying credit repair lending specialist works with the tenant-buyer to get them to closing as soon as possible.

That’s It. Very simple.

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Successful Deal Closed: 400 Block N. Patterson Park, Baltimore, MD

Successful Deal Closed: 3200 Block Greenmead Rd, Windsor Mill, MD

Selling a House – Best Renovations for The Money (Part 2)

Did you know that curb grab can make or trip a deal? A remodeled kitchen is said to sell a mansion but it’s tough to get live in into your mansion to see the mark new kitchen if your roof, stucco or from door don’t give a warm impression to a would-be buyer. This editorial will include the best proceeds on investment renovations to make your outer walls look like million dollars.

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How to Sell a House Without an Estate Agent

Selling your address privately or or else identified as FSBO (for sale by landlord) is apt an increasingly admired mode of home advertising. There are many impending reimbursement for a merchant to sell with no an estate agent, most notably the thousands of pounds they are expected to save. This may come as a amaze to you, but advertising your home privately is far easier than you may cogitate.

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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell A Home?

Selling a material goods can be both strenuous and frustrating at the best of time. The present macro saving and confusion in the material goods advertise has made the course of action of promotion a home even more strenuous and even more tense. Almost all only area of the people have been adversely effected by the insulation saving and quiet material goods advertise environment, as a end result a trader must make a wary assessment of the pros and cons of their material goods prior to they even be concerned about putting in on the advertise.

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How to Achieve the Highest Sale Price on Your Home

Hints and thoughts on how to here your home for sale don’t have are not costly, nor do they have to take up a lot of time, on the other hand, a inadequately inventiveness goes a long way. Listed less are some tips and thoughts you can take plus of when advertising your home.

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Gila Bend Real Estate – What Properties Sell in 2011?

How within your means is Gila Bend upright now? You strength be amazed at the low sales prices for a town projected to be a recyclable energy hub.

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Short Sales: What You Need to Know

A tiny sale is a real estate transaction where a homeowner sells the belongings for less than the sum owed to the bank. A tiny sale is typically chosen over foreclosure by both the borrower and lender for quite a lot of reasons, as well as less unconstructive impression on believe slice and superior debt income.

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Generating More Buyers For Your Real Estate Deals

Providing you can invite an adequate amount of home buyers you can flip properties all day long involving REOs, passing sales and new distressed home sales. So what can you do?

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Creative Vendor Financing Makes Rent-To-Own A Viable Option

Rent to buy or Rent to own vendor finance agreements have a numeral of deals to give. The most well-liked plus that it has to deal is its power to get populate into their own home much sooner than the customary method of having to soften for a loan from the bank.

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Tips When Selling Your Real Estate in North Shore

You have real estate in the North Shore New Zealand and you want to sell it for profit. This is not a undemanding task. The sale may not be very sprightly what’s more. However, at hand are clothes that you can do to promote your land well and to sell it for a good profit.

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